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Baja California Sulfur Dig 1993

Jose Castro with Mike New at Bahia Santa Maria, Baja California.

The Baja California sulfur has been known to collectors for years, but what is really known of the locality? I had the fortunate experience in 1993 to travel to the locality with Mike New of Hilltop Minerals at the time, which would morph with Joe Kielbaso of Gemini Minerals to form the company Top Gem Minerals with this mining adventure.

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The Incredible "Pigment Zone" of Azurite, Morenci, Arizona

Mark Kielbaso holding azurite, Morenci Mine, Northwest Extension, December 1992

Twas the day before Christmas, 1992 and all the haul trucks' were stirring and all the conveyors were whirring and not a shift foreman was to be seen in the Morenci mine. It was another typical boring day of checking the new benches that had been shot on the North-West Extension of the Morenci Mine with the working cohorts of Southwest Minerals (owners; Zee Haag and silent partner Wayne Thompson) James Dunn, Betsy McKitrick and myself, Mark Kielbaso.

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